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About hey welcome to Michigan weapon and Arbor we were the link for here’s where you should find housing we actually placed leases that summer so in the first days it started the business and in moment of immaturity realized that wasn’t exciting enough and we pivoted-into a social network I should you not yep yep this is like right when Facebook had just like had been in Michigan’s campus for like a year or two no one really.

Quite understood it yet and we’re like man we can do this – but for campus real estate so the campus roots that you will see online publicly now is a social network for campus neighborhoods we wen tout and actually indexed every single house apartment fraternity dorm on campus and this is in the years before Google Street view had an API so we actually did it with feet on the street and cameras literally.

gave our best friends cameras with instructions to walk down all the streets in Ann Arbor and take photos of all the properties Ina sequential order and then we wrote software that would just take the data dump from those flash drives and stuff it into our database which had a really cool effect on the user experience because on the home page of the site twas typing your address and as soon ashes started typing in Greenwood you’d see a picture of your house relaunched that product on the very first day of campus with a ridiculous.

marketing stunt we’d went out to IKEA bought seven hundred white folding chairs and like drove home in the truck and spent two days spray-painting all those chairs with our company logo on the top campus roost and then the phrase on the seat your neighbors could besotting here and we went out the night before the very first day of campus and we put one on every fifth porch in the city and when we went into.


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