The History of Reverse Vasectomy

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many years that I was Reverse vasectomy procedure only and that that part of my life was already over and that was so hard for me and I thought it was just because it had just happened I was like well maybe it’s gonna get easier as time goes on it never got easier and about two years.

Ago I told my husband I’m really not done having kids like if we don’t do something about this I feel like I’ll regret that we didn’t you know have more kids or try to have more kids so we talked about it and prayed about it and we we made an appointment with a a surgeon here in Alaska that does vasectomy reversals and he was very optimistic and gave us like a really.

good success rate since we only have kids together we got pregnant really easy before he said that he thought for sure with with his surgery that we would be pregnant within the year at the most after the surgery but he was confident that it would be within six months or less so um we went ahead and went to that consultation we were so excited and then we found out how much.

it was it’s to have this surgery and most insurance does not pay for it I had got something from our insurance that they were changing our coverage and they had sent out a new booklet with what the updates were and what they wouldn’t wouldn’t be covering and it had an infertility section and it said that they would cover up to $, for infertility treatments per policyholder so like if I needed it I could have $, for treatments and in my husband cut too so since he had.

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