Here’s What People Are Saying About Tucson Ac Repair

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This all the time okay so if it’s not something simple like the return air filter clog you got to look at some other things and do a deeper evaluation I want to check the ducts the size and number of these ducts and also what you have for equipment all right let me show you what I found wow you were not kidding about a frozen coil this is just a big block of ice this is called an evaporator coil they also called it an a core cause of its shape so air is blown across and through this coil of this you can see the coils right here there’s also fins in here the air blows across.

The coils are filled with refrigerant so now when the warm air goes across any heat that’s in the air gets absorbed in the refrigerant that’s inside of these coils right here and it gets transferred through this line right here to outside it goes through the compressor outside and through the outdoor condenser and now it comes back really cold right here in your case it’s way too cold and now it’s freezing this whole coil once this thing freezes no longer can that air even get through those fins exactly what happened to you will happen so what would cause this well.

I think I know what the answer Tucson air conditioning is but let’s check one more thing outside so the other part of your air conditioning system is out here the condenser now you remember there was those refrigerant line since we capture the heat bring it out to here and then with this fan we dump the heat to outside now we always measure air conditioning equipment terms of that sounds heavy well it’s not actually a unit of weight it’s that unit of energy now it goes back a long time there was a time in this country that the way we conditioned a building or stored food safely was with ice every local town would had an ice house that stored ice all through the year and what it was.

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